Variation number 4: better front-spring.

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Because I wanted to improve many aspects of my bike, especially the front spring, I bought myself a TIG welding machine. This way, I built this successor of my first bike:

New front-suspension with improved spring

This bike has no hinge in the top tube any more, but in this new design I incorporated the bracket in the front fork. The reason for this option is that the fork can point more towards the front, making extra room for the spring. Further, this construction makes it easier to attach a chain-case.
A disadvantage is, that the bracket is on a fixed place, so that while designing you need to know very exactly where it has to be placed. (depending on the length of your legs.)
A spring with a shock absorber replaced the rubber spring block: That has been an enormous improvement in riding comfort. You can notice that improvement especially when you ride over speed limiting ramps in residential districts. With the rubber block, the front part has the tendency to jump off the ground. With the spring / shock absorber, this will not happen: It feels like being stuck on the road. I also attached a circular lock, and all cables were again guided through the main tube.
Until now, I didn't start building a new chain-box, but I hope to do so, soon.
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