Variation number 3: a better handle-bar and better cable conduction.

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The handlebar that is placed at standard FlevoBikes, stands upright and is rather broad. That's uncomfortable when mounting and dismounting. And it can easily be caught behind other bikes in bicycle stands etc.
I took a narrower handlebar and placed it almost horizontally, so that it surrounds the seat. It is shown in the close-up picture below:
close-up picture of horizontal handlebars It looks better, is slightly more streamlined, and this gives a better possibility te conduct the cables towards the frame.
I let the electric, brake and gear cables pass as much as possible through the interior of the frame. That looks better and is least vulnerable. I takes some time to potter the cables through, but I invented a trick: Connect a vacuum cleaner to the exit-hole, and enter a thin thread through the enter-hole. This thread will easily be sucked through the frame. As this has succeeded, you use the thread to pull a thin nylon cord (for instance a kite-cord) through. Use this to pull the steel cable through. Finally, you push the mantle around the steel cable.

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