RWSB-page part 2

nederlandse versie
by Erik Wannee.

Here I give a summary of some experiments with RWSB's.
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Slingerding In the may 1995 issue of the dutch magazine HPV-nieuws, Sacha Knoop describes an RWSB, called 'Slingerding' (swinging thing). This vehicle has an even longer trail than Fred de Weert's ABT.
(These two pictures are taken from the HPV-CD-ROM 1997.)

Slingerding with Sacha Knoop riding it

You can't almost talk about rear wheel steering; it is more like centre steering. The 'head' tube is placed just under the seat. But the principal difference between this bike and an (also centre-steered) FlevoBike is, that in the latter one, the seat is attached to the rear part.
It turned out to be possible to ride on it, but while riding at higher speeds, suddenly very hazardous things can happen: You can literally be launched off. And with this bike, too, you continuously have to countersteer very strongly. (That's why there are such long handlebars.) Very fatiguing and unpractical.

On CycleVision 2001, I saw this RWSB with it's rider: Kees de Rooij.
This bike has about the same design as Fred de Weert's ABT. Only this bike has no steering reversal mechanism, so that it steers towards the opposite direction.
The riding behavior is comparable. As long as the excursions of the handlebars remain moderate, everything goes well. But sometimes a strong steering movement is necessary.
Kees had ridden several hundreds of kilometres on it.

RWSB of Mati Zaidman In Israël, Mati Zaidman is performing some experiments. This is his first prototype bike. As far as I understood, it has until now not been successfull to ride on it.

RWSB of Åke Gustavson In Finland, Åke Gustavson, a Swedish/Finnish hobbyist, is studying RWSB's. This is a picture of his prototype. I think you can compare it with Mati Zaidman's bike. This one has not shown it's rideability, too.

Åke described his experiences and future plans on his own site.

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