This is the internet page about the wedding of Saskia and Erik

We have married at 31 july 2004 in Swalmen, the Netherlands.
We, that is:
Saskia Liduina van Oostwaard, born at 21-3-1977
Erik Wannee, born at 6-10-1964.

We met each other at 31 july, 1994 at a camp of the Vobula-foundation in Swalmen, where we volunteered on the park/forest area around swimming pool De Bosberg.
Or in fact we met one day before, but our actual courtship begun on the 31st.

Since a long time, we have plans to get married, but for several reasons it had been postponed every time again.
Then we decided that the day that we have company for exactly 10 years, would be a nice occasion.

During several Vobula camps, Erik and Arthur saw each other often, and once Erik and Arthur together had the lead of a two week's camp at De Bosberg. Often, Arthur hinted at the fact that the park near the swimming pool would be a nice wedding location. Especially the 'peninsula' that is surrounded by the river Swalm, is quite a romantic place.
At last, we decided that we would indeed marry there, but only if Arthur would be the Master of Ceremonies.

And this way it has happened.

The wedding day has been magnificent and unforgettable.