Variation number 8: a rear fairing on the Flevo-bike.

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To be able to increase the speed a little more, or to deminish energy waste, I have built a new rear part with a slightly more recumbent position and a slightly longer wheel-base. A rear-fairing, made by the german HP Velotechnik was mounted on it, and as a seat I took a seat of the Flevobike fifty-fifty (nowadays Sinner fifty-fifty), because that one was designed for the somewhat more recumbent position. I noticed that a standard FlevoBike seat gives too little support to the back-neck area in this posture.

new bike with rear fairing

The rear part, too, is now sprung with a spring/damper combination. It can just be seen at the bottom of the fairing. The riding comfort is again much better than the former situation with a rubber spring.
Because of the weight of the rear part, it is necessary to use a standard on both parts.
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